J. J. Fad

J.J. Fad is an American female rap group from Rialto, California. The name was an acronym of the original group members’ given names (Juana, Juanita, Fatima, Anna, and Dania), but when the line-up changed the tradition developed that it stood for Just, Jammin’, Fresh and Def. The group was backed by DJ Train (Clarence Lars). J.J. Fad began in 1985 as a quintet comprising Juana Burns (MC J.B.), Dania Birks (Baby-D), Anna Cash (Lady Anna), Fatima Shaheed (O.G. Rocker) and Juanita Lee (Crazy J.). It was one of the original acts signed to Ruthless Records by Eazy-E. In 1987, this line-up released its only recording, the single “Anotha Ho” backed with “Supersonic” (“Anotha Ho” was the A-side), produced by Arabian Prince.

“Supersonic” is a song by J.J. Fad from their debut album of the same name. The first recording of “Supersonic” was released in 1987 by the original line-up of J.J. Fad as the B-side to “Anotha Ho” on Dream Team Records. In 1988, the new line-up re-recorded and released “Supersonic” as a single; this version reached #10 on the Billboard Hot Dance/Club Play Songs and #22 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks chart. “Supersonic” stayed on the dance charts for eight weeks. The single was certified gold by RIAA, and also got nominated
forGrammy Award for Best Rap Performance in 1989, making them the first all-female rap group to be nominated for a Grammy award.

The song has been sampled by others in the music industry like Fergie in her song “Fergalicious”, including parts of the beat and ways in which the song is sung. There has been much debate over whether or not this has been legal sampling, and a lawsuit was filed by former N.W.A. member Arabian Prince against Ruthless Records because he says the Black Eyed Peas did not provide them any royalties on the song. In a later interview with HipHopDX, Arabian Prince stated, “will.i.am did the right thing and the good thing by actually saying, ‘Okay, yeah, I got this from “Supersonic,” we’re gonna go ahead and get the publishing on this and pay royalties to me, whoever else and the girls.’ So that was a good thing.”

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