Len is a Canadian alternative rock duo from Toronto, Ontario. The band consists of siblings Marc Costanzo (vocals, guitar) and Sharon Costanzo (vocals, bass) and a revolving lineup of touring and studio musicians.

After releasing their hit single “Steal My Sunshine” in 1999, the pair were nominated for a 2000 Juno Award as best new group. Len was never able to repeat this success, but continued to release albums until 2005 before a seven-year hiatus.

“Steal My Sunshine” is a song by Canadian band Len, composed by band member Marc Costanzo with a writing credit to Gregg Diamond. It was released in July 1999 as the lead single from their third album You Can’t Stop the Bum Rush.

The indie pop track became a sleeper hit when radio stations began playing it in March 1999, four months before Len planned to release their album. “Steal My Sunshine” had a commercial single release in July 1999, eventually reaching number three in Canada, Australia, and Ireland, number eight on the UK Singles Chart, and number nine on the US Billboard Hot 100. It received positive reviews from music critics, and its chart success caused Len to be considered a one-hit wonder. The song earned a nomination for “Best Single” at the Juno Awards of 2000.

The backdrop is based on a sample of a short instrumental portion of the Andrea True Connection’s 1976 disco single “More, More, More”, which Diamond wrote and composed specifically for the Connection’s lead singer, former porn star Andrea True. Supposedly inspired by The Human League’s 1981 synthpop hit “Don’t You Want Me”, the song’s vocals alternate between Marc and Sharon Costanzo. Gregg Diamond, who was given songwriting credit as the original author-composer of “More, More, More”, died three months before the album was released.

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